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Our work

  • Clintons
    Clintons / ecommerce platform

    With more and more consumers turning to the web to take the hassle out of sending cards and gifts, Clintons needed to engage and build relationships with their online customers. Redbox were engaged to devise the strategy and then design and deliver a solution that matched the range provided by the in-store experience, retaining their existing loyal customer base– while extending it to lead in the print-on-demand market.

  • Fortnum+%26+Mason
    Fortnum & Mason / ecommerce platform

    Redbox were engaged in to build, implement, host and support a new ecommerce platform that matched the opulence and excellence of the Fortnum & Mason in-store experience – while driving online sales and enabling the business to capture the all-important international trade.

  • Nicorette
    Nicorette / activestop

    Redbox have worked with J&J and the Nicorette team for over 5 years, delivering all aspects of the ActiveStop behavioural support programme. The advanced technology platform includes web, email, two-way SMS, interactive voice response (IVR) - with Redbox responsible for the design, development and support of all aspects of the service.

  • Regaine
    Regaine / repositioning

    Regaine wanted a new approach for reaching its customers. So working collaboratively with the PR and Media agencies Redbox created a 3-step strategy to increase awareness and changing the brand's positioning in the market. The site was redesigned with a focus on lifestyle and men's grooming, with rich media demonstrations showing what and how.

  • Boots
    Boots / emarketing campaign

    Redbox designed a tactical banner campaign to drive consumers to AskBoots and then deliver them to the brand site to purchase - focused around child health, vitamins and supplements. Creative executions were designed to be interactive and fun, communicating the message that it's not always possible to ask a child what's wrong, so it makes sense to Ask Boots.

  • Betty+%26+Taylors
    Betty & Taylors / new ecommerce site

    Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate maintain a number of web properties across their brands, and approached Redbox to help them establish a more successful ecommerce approach for their remote trading business, The objective was to allow Bettys online consumers to receive a more compelling brand experience that could be easily managed by the in-store management team.

  • Property+Finder
    Property Finder / online content distribution

    Redbox provided a digital solution using Redbox Resolution, its interactive catalogue viewer, allowing to convert and publish all its publications each month and deliver these online - a week before the printed version reached households. Each interactive catalogue could be created within 24 hours of sign-off for print and then immediately available for viewing online.

  • Sky
    Sky / ecommerce platform

    Working jointly with Sky's marketing partner we designed, developed and delivered a flexible ecommerce platform that enabled Sky to deploy new branded ecommerce promotion sites in under 2 days. The system, utilising the Redbox Ecommerce Framework, provided Sky with the ability to set the promotion and content utilising the templated integration and purchasing facility.

  • Benylin
    Benylin / website

    To support the latest Benylin "get it off your chest" campaign, Redbox enhanced the site by creating a CGI monkey to provide a consistent brand connection through from the TV advertising campaign.

  • Clinton+Cards
    Clinton Cards / ecommerce site

    Clinton Cards wanted to launch a new online experience for their Pure Party brand to enable them to compete in the market for party goods, planning and experiences. Initially they wanted to deliver a site for Halloween season and needed to do this within 3 months. Utilising the Redbox Ecommerce Framework allowed us to deliver the consumer experience they wanted in the short timeframe.

  • Make My Summer
    Make My Summer / niche social network

    Make My Summer, a niche provider of summer camp holiday experiences, was looking for innovative ways to engage and connect with their community of summer camps and travel clients. Redbox were able to rapidly deliver a niche social network for their community using the Redbox Social Platform.

  • Health+And+Fitness
    Health And Fitness / niche social network

    Health and Fitness Magazine wanted a way to engage their offline readership with their New Year health programmes. Using the Redbox Social Platform a complete online social community service was delivered that gave every user a personalised 12 week fitness programme to follow online and interact with other users – every session had videos showing the user how to perform every exercise.